A quick intro to what we're doing here

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A quick intro to what we're doing here Empty A quick intro to what we're doing here

Post  Cypher on Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:47 am

A new server ~ by Tigerlily

A place with nobility and slums, entertainment and light
politics, overreaching and personal stories and plots for those who
want them, or simply light social interaction for the times when that’s
appropriate. In-depth character RP combined with lightness and open
social (srp) atmosphere. A server put together and operated by friends,
for friends, with open communication and a friendly and small player
base. Friends first..and if it attracts others, fine.

City with
upper level nobles (DM staff only can be ‘nobles’, which are the court
of the kingdom, ruling class. Can also be given as an RP reward..folks
marrying in, getting awarded icly a title, etc), middle level house
members, and the ‘slums’ below. Also have guard for the city.

organized by: upper level of the ‘castle’ nobles only…perhaps one room
is the ‘council’ room, where the five of the council hold
weekly/biweekly/monthly (whatever we decide) ‘court’ to pass judgements,
hear concerns, etc. of the players. This could be a mostly ic thing,
with time afterward or a different time to do this oocly as well for
things that can’t be handled icly, which would give us an opportunity to
take care of things that needed to be handled by all of us in a
methodical manner without burning any one of us out.

Idea of
mine: Nobility is made up of five houses, each with reknown for
something (which is part of the storyline for the server..perhaps one is
a mage house, one known for entertainers, one for fighting, one for
clothing, one for healers/holy persons, etc.). Players can choose
affiliation with a house, or not (done through RP, not required) but
this is the basis of the upper eschelon and the council. Perhaps the
‘city’ was started by five people and they were the beginning basis of
the house, and/or these people overthrew the previous ruler. The city
is made up of these houses and those in their employ, or those they take
in/adopt, marry, etc. as well as the unaffiliated.

run guilds for merchant class, rogues (secret society), mages, guards
(which would be headed by a DM in charge of the operations for the city,
could also give out quests, etc.)?
Hold court/parties and events
such as jousting tournaments, balls and such..where there is a higher
level party/seating, but also a city wide event for those not in the
higher eschelon.

Questing for RP (that’s not scripted, but DM run), rewards for RP in xp and items, titles, etc.
run businesses? Such as the tavern, club, inn, tailor, etc.? perhaps
given as RP reward? Housing the same? Pirates/sailor area,maybe the
docks of the city? (I love pirates :p)

What ‘perks’ for staff,
and levels of it? What requirements of staff time so far as playing
nobility chars for RP purposes for players and/or DM time?

person council as admins (me, cy, kranny, jk, Elen (host)). Who as DM
staff? What ‘rules’ for server? Levels of warnings to bannings to
players, outlines for behavior and how to deal with it, outlines for RP
and rewards, questing, etc. Regular meetings of staff, forums for
communication, communication, communication.

Outlines for
housing, businesses, chars? Lori’s husband making forum possibly.
Housing pre-fab for players, awarded through RP tokens. Businesses
require more tokens/RP. Outlines will be listed and posted on the

Tokens that can be player or DM given as RP awards. NPC
in ooc area to give out tokens for players to award. Turn them into DMs
for xp and/or awards such as items/housing and customization. RPing
can level you through xp awards as well as grinding.

Do we want
to have any RP requirements so far as class, race, alignment, bio,
storyline, etc? Must act as alignment, must RP? Freedom..though RP is
necessary so far as RPing as the alignment you choose. No CG devils,
for example.

Open pvp through server..what exact consent rules
will we have? Pvp area for tournaments? (maybe run by the guard, etc.
as a means of recruiting and providing entertainment..much like medieval

What death system/living system, leveling system,
resting system do we want to use? Will we want a crafting system at
all? Xp for exploration as well as killing monsters? What level do we
want our peak to be? Low magic, mid magic, high magic? What sort of
items will be available (level restricted? High powered? Customizable?)
What will our player max be? Will we need to make monetary
contributions to Elen for server upkeep/connection?

How many DMs
will we have, and after the initial start-up, how will we decide who to
bring on as Dms? What will their responsibilities be (storyline DMs,
admin DMs, leto/technical DMs, etc.)?
What haks will we use? How many/what types of areas do we want to have?

What sort of server rules will there be, icly and oocly?

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