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Hello, everyone.

Most people will know me as SablePhoenix as it's the account I use most on IoS. I've been around NWN for a while, and have spent time in both RP and social servers. To name a few, I've played on A Land Far Away, Arabel, Moonsea/Deepingdale, Myth Drannor, IoS (In all its incarnations except T3K), Eternal Beauty, and a few more I've likely forgotten. I've DMed on three servers, IoS being one, Moonsea/Deepingdale being another and the third I've forgotten. I'm probably the nicest anti-social person you'll meet.

Personality wise, I'm usually a lot like my character Melloch in that I usually remain calm and collected through most things until something really chaffs me... then I'm not a good person to be around. My wife says she finds it useful because when I'm going through stores and have that "I really don't want to be here so don't fuck with me" look on my face, crowds tend to part like the Red Sea and she and my daughter follow behind mostly blissfully happy.

That said, I'm a peacemaker. Few people have gotten so far on my bad side that I won't give them any sympathy, respect, or courtesy. I avoid drama as best I can, even if somehow I'm in the middle of it. In serious situations I'm blunt and straightforward and I'm trying to learn to be a bit more diplomatic. I'm quick to forgive but very slow to forget.

I enjoy story and lore. I love creating stories and as a kid I'd often write them and share them with my teachers. I loved to read back then as well but as I aged that fell off alot. That and I grew up in a city of over 50,000 people (when I was there) and they didn't have even one decent book store. I don't think they even had one bad one that I remember. I look at my characters as a means to write new, interactive stories that I'm not the only author of. This is why I became frustrated with some of the other servers I've played on.

I enjoy scripting and tinkering with NWN. I've done haks (once a head hak for Realms of Ruin and Rebirth that was eventually used as the base for IoS and another for Moonsea), tinkered with tilesets (like transferring the bordello from the City Interior Tileset to the Castle Interior Tileset), but not much in the way of modeling.

And I'm very verbose. This carries over into my RP when I feel comfortable enough and I know the others I'm RPing with don't mind the Wall O' Text O' Doom. I believe in descriptive emotes that can be witnessed by the eyes, ears, nose and touch.

Oh, and I consider myself an amateur artist dealing mostly in digital art but if finances and living space would allow it I would focus on sculpture since I excelled in it in high school. Nothing feels as good as wet clay in your hands...


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