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Post  Angelic Feathers on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:16 am

Greetings and Salutations everyone!

English is not my native language, infact, i am Swedish. So i do apologise if my grammar is off at times

I am a rather emotional person, kind and caring to the core and as such, my friends and loved ones are the most important things to me. I am kind and far too forgiving for my own good, though dont make the mistake of thinking i dont have claws, even i can be scary if angered *Rawr* Wink I tend to be one of those people that stay out of sight, one of those that are quiet until you get to know them and i you. Once that happens you'll have a problem getting me to shut up and i always speak my mind about things.

I love roleplay in all of its forms and have done so for a long time now, especially on NWN where i have been a DM on several servers, both social and normal ones. I also helped create and host Anphillia Exodus and will be the host for this server once its finished.

Oh and i am mostly known for playing the bubbly Pink-haired angel Elenoriel on Styss

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